Practice Areas

Consumer Collections

RAS LaVrar works with creditors holding portfolios of outstanding consumer debt. We offer collection strategies that leverage written communications, verbal communications, and litigation. Depending on the client’s objectives, we are able to implement any, or all, of these strategies to deliver outstanding results. Our consumer collection platforms include

  • Management and oversight of consumer debt matters
  • Initiation of all permissible collection efforts
  • Pre-judgment litigation from suit filing through judgment entry
  • Post-judgment recovery activities such as garnishments, executions, and discovery where allowed by state law and client guidelines

Commercial Collections

RAS LaVrar works with creditors holding commercial debt portfolios. These creditors tend to prefer firms that are able to move accounts into litigation quickly and our commercial debt offerings do just that. Our commercial collection platforms include

  • Multi-jurisdictional coverage – no need to manage multiple firms
  • Full service litigation – industry-standard pre-suit collection efforts, quick to suit and judgment, and active judgment enforcement where applicable
  • Judgment recovery – we pursue all available remedies including garnishments, executions and post-judgment discovery for the life of the judgment
  • Proprietary real-time auditing tools – account status, document review, milestone reporting, and financial transactions


Replevin is a legal action to recover the possession of items of personal property. We pursue replevin actions on behalf of creditors where recovery of the property is the chosen and most effective means of protecting the client’s interests. Our replevin platform includes

  • Timely account intake and assessment
  • Property location and identification
  • Staff members with local knowledge of replevin practices and procedures